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Quality Management System


Procedures/testing Details

PCBA quality inspection service: Sanmtec has powerful PCBA industrial engineering capability, and can help the customer resolve PCBA assembly problem during development/design and production stage with high-speed and effective service. Sanmtec strictly carry on the IPC-A-610E standard inspection procedure,and insist on the EOS/ESD protection to make sure of provide high quality PCBA to customer.


Usually from original manufacturer unless customer agree to use substitution in order to cost down.

QC/Technical Support

PCB quality inspection service EPQISC: (Electronic Product Quality Inspection Service Center) EPQISC has QC,QA & CQC teams,and be responsible for inspecting all kind of PCB’s appearance and function before delivery in order to meet the customers’ quality target and final quality assurance, simultaneity track and control all kind of quality demand and help manufacturer to improve the quality step by step, and feedback information to customers in fast and effective way.

X-ray capability

BGA inspection

Quality policy

Quality the first

Delivery the second

Cost the third

Quality statement

We satisfied our customer by zero defect,on time delivery and competitive price.




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